Saturday, June 2, 2012

"In the Land of Lynfred": How Lynfred Winery promotes its brand awareness through blogging

Lynfred Winery, Roselle, Illinois

“My entire blog ‘In the Land of Lynfred’ (a word play on ‘In the Land of Lincoln’ since we are in Illinois ) is really about the lifestyle that comes with working at and being a patron of your local winery – we’re fun, a little kooky and very approachable.”
Christina Anderson-Heller, Marketing Director
Lynfred Winery
Roselle, Illinois 

A True “Mom-and-Pop” operation becomes a nationally renowned winery
             A pioneer of the Illinois wine industry, Fred Koehler made his debut batch of wine in the basement of his Roselle home in 1975.  With his ingenuity along with the creativity and encouragement of his late wife, Lynn, Fred continued to craft quality wines in their renovated basement for four more years. When the “Mom-and-Pop” operation outgrew the couple’s basement, Fred and Lynn opened up Illinois’ first official winery, Lynfred Winery. A clever play on the couple’s names, Lynfred ensured the legacy of its founders would live on for years to come.