Services Offered

“We never know how much has been missing from our lives until a true writer comes along.”  ~ Alfred Kazin

Words Written Well Sell offers the following freelance writing services…

Copy writing ~

Web Content and Blog Writing – $75 - $125 per page

We can help you create fresh content for your blog or website.  In some cases, we can write the content for your blog posts or if you just want help guiding you through the process, we can do that, too.  After all, part of the joy of having a blog is the writing!

MarketingBrochures – $300 + depending on depth of research required

Whether you provide a product or service, the power of a well-written marketing brochure will inspire prospective clients to take action and do business with you as opposed to your competition.  A well-written marketing brochure can also lend to your company’s credibility, showing that your business is established and “real”. In the restaurant and food industry? We can also write content for catering brochures.

Newsletters – $300 +, depending on length and topic

A monthly newsletter campaign will help nurture lasting relationships and customer loyalty.  Through the use of a regularly produced newsletter, rich in valuable well-written content, your company can maintain relationships with existing clientele, as well as tap into prospective clients.

Direct Mail: Self Mailers & Postcards – Please contact me for price, as these vary depending on method of mailing and length

The benefits to reaching potential clients through direct mail are vast: personal and direct contact with your targeted audience; quick, easy, and affordable production (especially the postcard variety); you enjoy a quicker response time than most other forms of marketing; and there is instant gratification for those of us who thrive in this fast-paced world.

Case Studies – $300 - $400

A well-written case study shows potential clients how your product or service will help them by highlighting how they have helped previous clients.  Providing case studies that showcase how your company can help prospective clients will help build credibility and develop your brand image.

White Papers – $400 - $500

Using a White Paper to market your product or service can set you above the competition.  Persuasive and relevant in nature, a well-written White Paper will establish your company as a leading source in your industry.  There are typically three types of White Papers: Business benefits, showcasing the benefits of choosing your product or service; Technical, describing how a specific technology works; and a Hybrid, combining the best of both worlds.  Take advantage of the White Paper that’s specific to your industry.

Articles - $100 - $300 depending on length and article topic

Well-written articles posted to online databases can drive traffic to your business' website. Once there, a well-designed website can turn visitors into clients and a successful newsletter campaign can nurture customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing ~ Please contact me for prices, as they are dependent on a number of variables.

Facebook: a new, unique post five days out of the week, focusing on meaningful content as it relates to your company; complete with follow-up responses to comments or questions, keeping your company in the forefront of your “friends” minds.

Twitter: a fresh, new tweet five days out of the week, providing meaningful content as it relates to your company; complete with follow-up replies to comments or questions, establishing your company as a forward-thinking presence among your followers.

Linkedin:  Guaranteed 3 new connections each week; contributions to 2 weekly Answers, establishing your company as a leading source in your industry; weekly contribution to group discussions; and a weekly update to your company page.

Combo: includes all three options above.

Consultations ~ $100.00 per hour

Revisions: We can help you revise work that you have already written through one-on-one consulting sessions.  We will provide you with suggestions and examples but you get to do the fun part - write.

Rewrites: We can take what you have already written and rewrite it for content and clarity.

Editing ~ $100.00 per hour

Copy Editing: Mechanics

Content Editing: Tone/Style/Voice

* See something we might be able to assist you with?  Check out the Writing Portfolio page for samples of previous work.  Or, contact us directly via email,

* Don’t see what you are looking for?  Feel free to contact me with any other writing services you may be in need of because…

Words Written Well, Sell

Before we talk figures, here are some preliminary terms for our writing services…
  • All agreed upon projects require an initial deposit of 1/3 of the total project price.
    • On larger projects, agreed upon milestones will be determined by writer and client, at which time when a milestone is reached, another 1/3 of the total project price will be due before continuing on to the final phase of the project.
  • All project quotes include one round of revision.
    • Additional revisions will be charged at my hourly rate of $75.00. 
    • All requested copy revisions must be assigned within 30 days of receipt of copy.  
  • If the project is cancelled after the copy writing is completed, regardless of the reasons, the writer is entitled to full compensation of agreed-upon fees.
  • If project is cancelled during the writing phase, the writer is entitled to collect compensation for all hours invested up to the point of cancellation, at my hourly rate of $75.00 per hour.
  •  We reserve the right to charge an additional rush fee of 25% of the total project cost for jobs with deadlines of 48 hours or less, and another 25% for jobs assigned over the weekend, needing to be completed by Monday or Tuesday. 
  • Balance due within 15 days of project delivery. Copyright transfers to you upon receipt of payment in full.  
Project quotes:

Of course, these are just general guidelines.  For pricing, each client and project will have their own unique needs; as such, pricing will be dependent upon our assessment of said needs.

Each project quote includes:
  • Review of available background materials.
  • Review of any available competitor materials.
  • Suggestions, ideas, concepts, and approaches (where applicable).
  • Any research, meetings, and interviews required.
  • All copy writing/copy editing work, including (but not limited to): outlines, first and final drafts.
  • One round of revisions.
  • All minor expenses (postage, courier, long distance phone calls, etc.). 
Please do not hesitate to contact me, via email at, or by phone (805) 234-5272.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your writing needs because…

Words Written Well, Sell
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