Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hidden Opportunities to use Case Studies in the Wine Industry

A well-written case study can help potential clients see your business from a familiar perspective - that of another consumer. When crafting a case study, the writer focuses on a specific problem, obstacle, or challenge the potential client might face - one that the company writing the study can help resolve.

Traditionally, case studies have been used in tech companies and the business industry. But, that doesn't mean they won't work in other fields.

Take the wine industry! One wouldn't typically think of the wine industry aspresenting problems or challenges that can be shared in a case study. But, there are! Here are just a few opportunities for using case studies in the wine industry:
  • Bottles and labels - You've just finished crafting your most recent vintage of wine and are ready for bottling. How your wine is packaged and marketed matters just as much as the quality of wine inside, so you turn to the internet for options. As with any product or service these days, there are myriad of companies trying to sell you their wares. How do you choose? Check their website for customer case studies.