Monday, October 31, 2011

Finding Inspiration through the Written Word

So, I've been putting off publishing my first post because I couldn't decide what to write about.  I write for two other blogs, Memoirs from the Belly and Red Dirt Coffee House, but it was easy to decide how to start those two; since both are more personal in nature, I simply began with stories.

Because this blog is geared more towards my writing business, I wanted to make sure to have a great beginning: poignant, relevant, informative, and, at the same time, engaging.  So, I returned to my academia roots and conducted a little independent research; I looked through the archives of three of my favorite writing blogs and found their "maiden" posts.

Gathering Momentum provides note-worthy insights and inspiration through eloquently written prose.  Much like a comforting cup of coffee, I often turn to this site for little pick-me-ups throughout my week.  Through my digging, I found the "maiden" post for Gathering Momentum was a beautifully written introduction to the author's inspiration for her blog.

The Well-fed Writer Blog is written with the author's well-known voice: humorous, practical, and personable.  His first post introduces the blog with a clear call to action, encouraging fellow freelancers to band together for the betterment of the business.  While I might describe it as short and sweet, savory proves to be a better adjective to describe his humourous writing style :-)

At Daily Writing Tips, the author provides just what his blog title promises, writing tips in a practical yet engaging fashion.  Reaching all the way back to 2007, the welcome post dives right into introducing what the site has to offer: help with all things writing.  This site is even organized by writing elements, with articles highlighted in the following categories: expressions, grammar, punctuation, spelling and misused words. 

How did all this research help me with my "maiden" post?  It gave me insight and inspiration to provide practical knowledge through beautifully written prose.  So, here's what I came up with...

The Written Word is many things to many people.  Some see it simply as a means of communicating thoughts and ideas.  Others might use it to belittle, berate, or abuse another.  I see the Written Word as beauty and longing and hope. 

Words strung together just so, create beautiful prose that inspires and uplifts its unsuspecting reader. 

Everyone longs for something and, through the Written Word, these desires, simmering just below the surface, break free and blossom.

And hope!  Who doesn't love hope!  Secret yearnings, afraid to be spoken aloud, are given life through writing.

Harnessing this kind of passion for the Written Word has been my lifelong work.  Now, I use this passion to help others harness their messages through the Written Word.  As I've learned over the past few months, the Written Word is essential to all businesses, large and small, product or service-based.  Using well-written words, businesses can increase their sales, generate new leads, and inspire potential customers to take action! 

I am curious as to what writing means to you and how you use the Written Word?

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