Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jordan Vineyard & Winery: A Proven YouTube Sensation!

There's more to this case study than just a history lesson. 

I asked Lisa Mattson, Communications Director for Jordan Vineyard & Winery, some engaging questions about her use of YouTube to connect with the social media world. 

Here is what she had to say about how they got started posting videos to YouTube and how they come up with the ideas for their widely enticing video collection:

Preserving Jordan’s traditions and people through timeless videos

Entering Jordan Vineyard & Winery, visitors are treated to a spectacular tree-lined drive.  Majestic Sycamore trees sway above as you make your way towards the winery.  Looking past these noble sentries, you just might catch a hint of what’s to come.  Once on the grounds, you will undoubtedly notice Jordan’s breathtaking vineyards.  With pristine vines atop rolling hills surrounded by nature’s raw, untouched beauty, the vineyard itself is a masterpiece.  Or, your eyes might feast upon the winery’s tasting room, reminiscent of French chateaux, with lush, green vines clinging to its walls.  What you won’t see, from the outside, is that Jordan Vineyard & Winery offers much more than your traditional winery.

A more careful look into Jordan Vineyard & Winery will reveal the rich tapestry of talent and artistry that make Jordan thrive.  While many of Jordan’s employees, from their viticulture team to their on-site chef and floral designer to their acclaimed winemaker, may be hidden away behind the scenes, they are brought to the forefront of Jordan’s operations through a videography program unlike any other in the wine industry.

Armed with her camera and the philosophy “If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then a video is worth a million words”, Lisa Mattson, Communications Director, began experimenting with video storytelling when Google first purchased YouTube back in 2006.  In 2009, she was hired by Jordan to create an in-house videography department.  With so much “clutter” and “information overload” on the internet today, Lisa wanted to reach her audience through an “unfiltered and vivid” medium.

To honor and preserve Jordan’s traditions, Lisa Mattson and Erin Malone, Digital Media Specialist, capture the people of Jordan Winery, and their crafts, in timeless videos.  Posting these videos to YouTube, they share the life-force that is Jordan Winery, in a multi-dimensional format, reaching a myriad of viewers.  When asked why she began posting videos to YouTube, Lisa shared, “Essentially, we wanted to find a medium that would allow us to bring all the people behind Jordan wines—and the artistry they practice each day—to life.”   In one such video, “Food Photography”, YouTube viewers are treated to a “behind-the-scenes” look at the delicacies created by Jordan’s on-site chef.  Still shots of food may not sound very appealing but, with over 18,000 views, you just might want to feast your eyes on this video.

The videos Jordan posts to YouTube are widely varied, informative, and elegantly put together.  Such diversity requires an arsenal of topic ideas.  Lisa’s response to where she gets the ideas for her videos was, “As a video storyteller, I always strive to put myself in the consumer’s shoes of what I think they might be curious about. We also listen to our fans online. Pay attention to posts they like the most and then plan video topics that follow the same principles as our most popular videos. We also do viewers’ choice contests and let our fans suggest topics.”  True with any social media platform, listening to one’s followers, friends, and, in YouTube’s case, viewers, makes for a meaningful relationship between business and consumer.  Lisa understands this and taps into the wealth of videography ideas presented to her through audience engagement.

As with any successful endeavor, the creative process involved in Jordan’s videography program has “evolved into a team effort.”  “The entire marketing team, as well as John Jordan, are involved in our music video projects," says Lisa, "our cellar master stops by my office or texts me when he has an idea for a video. He invites me to the barrel cooperage to shoot footage and brainstorm ideas for the next barrel video post. Our events director, John Jordan, and the winemaker do the same thing”.  As is seen in this video, “Winemaking: Making barrels for Cabernet Sauvignon”, Lisa captures a “cooperage demonstration in action”.  One wouldn’t expect to see a video of how wineries make wine barrels but with close to 54,000 views, it appears to be a fan favorite!

“We [Jordan Vineyard & Winery] were also early to embrace the concept of providing added-value to our customers through content—sharing aspects of what we do on the estate that can be useful in their everyday lives—our chef’s recommended kitchen knives, how to make an edible centerpiece for a summer barbecue, how grapevines bloom and develop fruit flavors—those types of topics.”  With an astounding 32,000-plus views, Jordan’s video, “Pruning Olive Trees and Reusing Cuttings”, has proven to be a hit on YouTube, appealing to a wide-range of viewers.  Some may have stumbled upon this video with the intention of learning how to prune Olive trees or discovered by YouTube’s environmentally conscious viewers. Regardless of their reasons, this video appeals to a multitude of viewers.

Once ideas have been generated and footage captured, Erin Malone, edits each video.  A graduate of Ohio University with a degree in video productions, Erin brings with her the same dedication and passion that is at the heart of Jordan Vineyard & Winery.  She provides a craft to the Jordan team that is as unique and vital as those she helps preserve.  Jordan Vineyard & Winery videos are then posted to YouTube only after Lisa, Erin and the “spokesperson” featured in the video review and approves all edits.

With the number of views approaching half-a-million, you just might want to check out this demonstration video on how to make French Macaroons right now:

There is still one more piece to this puzzle, so stay tuned for my segment on how YouTube has impacted Jordan Vineyard & Winery from a business standpoint. 

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I'm still curious if you have a favorite winery or vineyard that uses YouTube to connect with its clientele?  Share them here so we might all enjoy the experience.

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