Thursday, March 8, 2012

Six Benefits of a Successful Social Media Campaign

Social Media evens the advertising and
marketing playing field.
Through my most recent work, I have not only uncovered just how deeply social media has rooted itself in the wine industry, I have also accumulated quite an arsenal of reasons why all businesses, not just vineyards and wineries, need to implement a consistent social media campaign.
While the benefits are immeasurable, I have narrowed my findings to those that have surfaced and resurfaced consistently throughout my research. 

Here are my top 6 reasons why all businesses should establish a social media presence:

  1. While traditional advertising is a one way venture, social media allows for reciprocity.  Being able to engage with your clients and target audience is an effective way to cultivate relationships that promote customer loyalty.
  2. With the reciprocal relationship social media offers, businesses can get an immediate and clearer idea as to what their customers want and how to better meet their needs.
  3. Social Media provides businesses with ongoing exposure to their target audience, allowing them to attract new customers on a more consistent, regular basis.
  4. Considerably less expensive than traditional methods of advertising and marketing, social media affords businesses, regardless of company size, contacts, or budget, with unlimited opportunities to connect with their target audience, helping to even out the playing field.
  5. Through meaningful, consistent interaction with connections and followers, businesses can build brand awareness that establishes their company as a forward-thinking industry leader.
  6. Building a social media presence is relatively simple, requiring mostly time and a desire to connect with and engage those in your network.
It is clear that incorporating a social media presence into, or in leiu of, your traditional marketing and advertising campaign would be beneficial to your business. 
If you would like help evaluating how to implement and maintain a social media campaign for your company, contact me or visit my website,  If you already have one, tell us what benefits you have enjoyed through social media networks.

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