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Twitter & the Wine Industry: How Fix St. James crafts stories for its Twitter Community

Wine Selection at Fix St. James
Small on Space but Packed with Personality
 Located in the central business district of Sydney, Australia, Fix St. James provides its patrons with more than just wine.  Through its diverse selection of wine and modest but modern ambience, this intimate wine bistro offers a true wine lovers experience.  At Fix St. James, every one of their 200-plus bottles of “juice” has been carefully chosen to express the bistro’s eclectic tastes.  The owner of Fix St. James, Stuart Knox, stocks his wall to wall shelves with little known varietals crafted by the “hands-on makers, small growers, crazies and fanatics”. 

Why would an establishment choose wines from unknown producers?  Because, Fix St. James believes every bottle has a story to tell, “be it about the place, the grape, or the winemaker”.  And, it is Stuart Knox’s desire to tell these stories.  Stocking his winery with wines that truly challenge everything you thought you knew about wine pays homage to these wonderfully unknown vintages.  So, if you are looking for a wine experience like no other, find your way to this intimate wine bistro on Sydney’s upper Westside and let them pour you a story.  
Fix St. James’ Impressive Twitter Presence

            In the three years since he has been tweeting under the @fixstjames username, Stuart Knox has built up a network of over 4,000 followers, creating a community of industry contacts as unique and eclectic as the wines that line his shelves.  Understanding that relationships are at the heart of a successful Twitter campaign, Knox cultivates these relationships by engaging in daily dialogue with his followers.  When asked how he uses his industry contacts to promote his business on Twitter, Knox replied, “Generally it’s a word of mouth thing, not a direct marketing promo vehicle. Having said that, if you’re willing to help others promote their business, usually you will get a reciprocal effect”. 
            In addition to his impressive cache of Twitter followers, Stuart Knox has accumulated Tweets upwards of 30,000, establishing himself and his wine bistro as a formidable presence on Twitter.  At one point, Stuart Knox was posting, on average, 100 Tweets per day!  When asked how he came up with the content to post 100 Tweets in a day, he shared, “I think my average is back to about 30 per day. Sometimes it’ll rack up due to long discussions with a group of people. Generally I just post things that are interesting to me or I think would be of interest to those that follow me.”  Thirty Tweets a day still creates quite an impressive Twitter presence!
            As one of Fix St. James’ Twitter followers, I often find myself seeking out Stuart’s Tweets because of the variety and humor he offers.  In one such Tweet, Stuart shares a little wine pairing insight, “the Yarrabank 2007 is just screaming for a bit of aged Reggiano”.  In another Tweet, Stuart thanks a fellow “wine fanatic”, owner of Bonny Doon Vineyard, for coming in to his bistro, “@RandallGraham thanks for coming down. Was great to meet you and try across your wines.  Hope to make it your way one day”.  And, to support what he said about promoting others’ via his Twitter stream, Stuart is a regular Retweeter, sharing insights and information from his Twitter community.  In one Retweet, he shared a link to an article, “Knives Are Out for No-Show Diners”, supporting the restaurant industry’s efforts to discourage last minute cancellations or no-shows.
Delivering meaningful content through his magnetic and eclectic personality, it is obvious that Stuart Knox uses his Twitter presence to its fullest by engaging and entertaining his Twitter community on a daily basis. 
How do you use Twitter to engage with your industry contacts and promote your business? 
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